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Ristorante Bagni Lino
Alassio, Riviera Ligure di Ponente

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At our restaurant we pride ourselves on proposing a simple cuisine where the typical flavours of Liguria reign supreme. We interpret in a modern and delicate way the most traditional Ligurian and Italian dishes, adding from time to time some international ones. The excellent quality of our local ingredients is the key of our success.


A cuisine “Km 0” that follows the natural availability of seasonal products offered by our land. We pay great attention to the quality of our catch, the result of the tireless work of the traditional fishermen of the Gulf of Alassio and Imperia: every day we receive fresh fish and seafood directly from them, including the famous Shrimp of Oneglia, that we enrich with typical tastes of our land. In our kitchen we only use extra virgin olive oil from Diano Castello and the one produced by our friend Alessandro Anfosso and his homonymous olive oil company: these fine oils are "gumbati" (cold ground with stone wheel and collected by skimming) exclusively from olives that guarantee a rate of less than 0.4% acidity. From adjacent Albenga valley come all the vegetables and herbs that are at the basis of our appetizers, main and side dishes, mixed in harmony with oriental spices.


Our durum wheat pasta is provided by the artisanal pastificio owned by Martelli family from Lari (PI). Our hulled wheat and kamut pasta is produced by biological farm Felicetti from Predazzo (TN).


Following the tradition of the old Ligurian recipes, our dough is made fresh daily by us as well as the bread that we bake in several versions, with corn flour, cereals, rye, kamut and Ligurian olives.


Finally, our wine selection offers a wide range of regional classics as well as some of the national’s most recognized wines.

Bagni Lino Restaurant

by Agnese Augusto & C. s.a.s.

F. Baracca Promenade - 17021 Alassio (SV)

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